Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Which Towel Line is Right for your Business?

We at SCOPE Linens understand that choosing the right towel for your gym, fitness center or country club is important so that your customer base can feel pampered to their liking.  More than offering the right linen for your needs, we at SCOPE also provide a complete selection of promotional items for your gym, fitness center or country club.  Today in our blog we will give insight to our 3 most popular lines of hand, bath and bath mat offerings. 

Gym Line – High volume is what we had in mind when we thought about the ‘muscle sculptors’ that care about being dry more than how plush the towel is.  Pick these towels for high volume uses and washes. These long lasting towels are sure to get the job done effectively and with little flare. 

Club Line – These are fitness clubs that look to offer options that most gym rats do not even think about.  These towels are great for family fitness centers that could see people using towels after showers, laps in the pool or drying off after the sauna or hot tub.  These towels are plusher than the gym towels and have a longer life span.  This line also offers different designs to complement the theme of your gym and to stand out among the all-white towels.

Executive Line – The executive line towels offer the ultimate style and plush level for your members that wish to be pampered.  These high quality towels offer frills such as a dobby border and are constructed out of 100% cotton.  Provide that fresh and clean feel for your customers with optically white towels and hand cloths.

For your convenience we offer our quality towels by the dozen and include the shipping in our prices!  No surprises at checkout. When ordering please make sure you order enough! Should you have any questions please feel free to call our friendly staff at 626.644.0290 or leave a comment below and a SCOPE Linens representative will quickly answer your inquires.