Thursday, October 17, 2013

The 16x27 Hand Towel Product Review

Order up three pounds of premium, plush, double cam ring spun terry cloth cotton 16 X 27s from our Gym Line and you'll have a dozen quality hand towels that will bring a smile to your members' mouths. These towels are multi-taskers – small enough to conveniently carry around on the gym floor but big enough to soak up sweat like a thirsty desert dweller.

Ring spun towels are produced through a special process using extra-long raw cotton fibers that make them especially soft and very durable. They're absorbent, soft to the touch, produce less lint and can stand up to repeated washings but still come out looking good. These hand towels are 100 percent cotton and made with double cam borders to add a little distinction to their Scope Linens, where you always get the best for less. Our competitors can try, but none seem able to match our exceptional combination of quality, low price, and delivery.

Not every club or gym offers towels of this size to their members, but these are a great adjunct to the usual bath size towels you probably already provide. It's a nice little extra touch to let the clientele know they're being well taken care of. These all-cotton 16" X 27" hand towels are also ideal for use in beauty salons, spas and at racquet clubs.

These hand towels are from our most affordable category of good, better & best but, as always here at Scope, cheap prices don't mean cheap items. If it isn't quality, we don't sell it. Take a look at the complete line of our Gym Line (good) products including washcloths, golf towels, bath towels and mats.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Consistent Towel Orders Bring World Peace

At Scope Linens we often brainstorm about ways to make things easier and more convenient for our regular clients, many of whom are busy running health clubs, country clubs, spas, gyms, fitness centers, resorts, swimming pools or college sports teams. Many of these facilities are regular, consistent users of our amenities and locker room supplies, which include a complete collection of personal care products, athletic and fitness items and janitorial supplies for cleaning and general maintenance.

Since these are all consumables, we've noticed that many of our regulars maintain a routine ordering schedule for these items to ensure stocks never fall short and needed supplies are always readily at hand. That's good thinking and makes for smoother operations all around, especially when members become accustomed to what they like and expect.

Now, it may not be an earth shattering revelation guaranteed to bring about world peace, but here's an idea that could certainly bring about a higher level of contentment in your club. Imagine a world full of stacks and stacks of soft, immaculately clean and fluffy towels that always look new, like what you'd expect to find in bathrooms of the finer hotels about town. Just think of the impression of always having access to a clean, healthy looking towel will have on your clients. It's the little things like this that really count in making your clientele feel special and, most of all, well-pampered.

While towels aren't consumable to the same degree as soap, shampoo and disinfectant spray cleaner, they're something that definitely degrades with age, use and continual laundering. And while the towels we offer here at Scope Linens are made to be durable, there's no question that there are quality differences in the items found in the good, better and best categories we feature. So here's the idea.

The Monthly Order

Just like you maintain a regular schedule of ordering common consumables for your club, we'd like to suggest you consider Scope's idea of monthly ordering for towels too. Consistent ordering on a monthly basis will ensure that you always have a plentiful supply of clean, good-looking towels on hand and that none get overused to the point of starting to look raggedy. The idea is to establish a particular day of the month to order towels and stick to that schedule regardless of whether or not you think new towels are needed at that particular moment. You can then do a quarterly reconciliation of your stocks to determine if towel movement should be increased, decreased or is just right.

This way, you won't have to constantly be concerned with the number of towels in your inventory that have become soiled beyond recovery or have disappeare
d from your facility by inadvertently being walked out the door in someone's gym bag. When some of the towels you have on hand start to look a bit tired and worn, rather than continuing to use them past their time for retirement they can be recycled to, for example, a homeless shelter in the area. They would certainly be grateful for your thoughtful contribution. In the meantime, your members will appreciate the fact that the towels you're supplying for their use are always at their best, looking clean and healthy and feeling soft and still full of fluff!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The 24x48 Club Line Blue Stripe Towel Product Review

When looking through our huge inventory of quality bath towels, categorized for your convenience into good, better and best, price points shouldn't necessarily be your most compelling criteria. Well, sure, unit cost is going to fit in there somewhere, but you know that here at Scope Linens we always do the best for less, so you've got some wiggle room when determining how much your bottom line can absorb. Like with our towels, absorption is an important factor.

For some country club or sports facility owners/managers, it's important to strike a balance between appearance, cost and utility. One thing that makes our Club Line Blue Stripe Bath Towel so popular is that it looks/feels much more expensive than it is. It provides a classy appearance that definitely sets it apart from traditional plain white towels that are, if nothing else, commonplace in the industry. While the attractive blue stripe does add to the cost (haha, about nine cents per piece!), the effect is worth so much more. If you reserve the use of the blue stripe numbers for your best clients (and don't tell them about the mere nine cent difference) you'll have the other members wondering what it takes to get promoted to the upgraded status.

We love that status-seeking attitude! For an extra punch, you can pair up the 24"x48" blue stripe bath towel with a matching 22"x44" hand/bath towel for incidental use, like wiping away sweat while working out. That's a nice touch.

These towels are soft, have an absorbent plush pile, dry off your clients quickly and are easy to maintain for your convenience. Plus, they'll stay looking good for a long time -- that is if your clients don't like the towels so much they end up walking out the door!

Our Towels Are the Next Best Thing to Sex

The boss just informed me that if I couldn't come up with 5 reasons why our towels are the next best thing to sex I'd better seek alternative employment. That seems a little harsh. After all, it's a matter of perspective. If you asked my wife to name the next best thing to sex she could fill in the blank with just about anything and, looking at me, you wouldn't have difficulty understanding her reply. But that's getting a little personal. Let's just get on with the list.

1. Options – it's good to have a choice and, at Scope Linens, our towels offer something to everyone. We supply hand towels, golf towels, washcloths, bath mats and bath towels. We have them in white, colored, or white with a stripe, adding to the options. Plus, we separate them into three separate lines – a good, better, best classification, and have appropriately named each according to the type facility they 're most likely to be found.

While our towels are great for home use and any of the three lines will work well there, most of our business comes from sports-related facilities. Thus, our classification of a Gym line, Club line and Executive line. Though each line consists of quality items, there's no question that the guy paying big bucks to belong to an exclusive country club expects the best while the one pumping iron out in the gym may not be so demanding.
For most places buying our towels, it comes down to a balance of quality, size and price and we offer just exactly what each needs.

2. Quality – A towel's quality is measured in several ways but the biggest, immediately obvious factor is how it feels on your body when you step out of the shower. Does it wick away the water with ease and comfort? Will it dry you off and then dry itself out quickly? Will it stand up to repeated use, have minimal shrinkage and maintain its integrity after many washings? Like most things, you get what you pay for (relatively), but from Scope, when you buy the best you still pay less.

3. Locker Room butt-snapping capability – Just thought I'd throw this one in, especially for the many college sports teams that purchase our products. Actually, our Gym Line bath towels are preferred in this area because they're not as thick and heavy as the other lines. Who wants to spend extra money on outfitting college kids with the plushest, most absorbent towels anyway? They're already costing us enough money as it is!

4. Customization – Our towels come with the option of adding any type of custom graphics, even those of your own creation. This is great for branding, advertising or just to be different. We like different!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Customization is Key – Custom Screen Printing & Embroidering

Do you have a club that people love to be a part of? All the best clubs and brands in the world offer high quality products with their logo on them. Now you can do that too! Let your members show off your brand with custom embroidering and custom screen printing on your products. At SCOPE Lines we offer custom embroidered logos on all types of materials. If you can put a needle through it, we can put your logo on. Have your brand worn around malls, on towels by the pool, or on dresses at the beach. So you ask, what are some of the benefits of embroidering? Let me tell you a few.

·       Identification – Towel thievery, while a seemingly a small problem, can cost you a pretty penny. With custom towels you’ll always be able to pick your towel out of a crowd. By doing this you don’t have to worry about constantly having towels stolen.

·        Club Branding – We know you already have an awesome logo, because you know how essential it is to your brand. When people see your logo you want them to automatically envision your club. Have them think about how nice your facilities are and how much they enjoy being a member.

·        Marketing – When you have a great logo embroidered on great clothes you build a presence. By having your logo worn, you’re able to market in places you normally couldn’t.  At dinner parties, pool side, or at the big football game your logo will be shown off and people will take notice.

Embroidering will eventually pay for itself. Whether you want to offer your guest a nicer experience or market your brand inside and outside of your club, embroidering and screen printing is perfect for you. Our selection of hats, dresses, towels, and many more can all be embroidered. Get your brand recognition started today!

At SCOPE Linens we offer only the highest quality products. We strive to provide you with products that are both comfortable and conversation starters. Come take a look at our great selection of products and find exactly what you’re looking for, today!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Golf Towels from SCOPE Linens Promote a Great Game and your Brand

Rain, dew and sweat are factors that golfers deal with out on the course, but you can help avoid this with a high quality, extra absorptive golf towel.

Promote Your Game

Promote your game by keeping clubs, balls and hands clean and dry as you play through the course.  Towels are used to combat rust on your clubs and is useful when mud, dew or other elements threaten to ruin your game.  Clean, dry contact with the ball will help promote your game and even better chances of shooting under par!

When a ball washer is not in close proximity, golfers can use a combination of damp and dry towels to clean and condition clubs and balls with ease.  High quality towels will ensure that you can absorb more water and will last through your time on the course. You can find such towels at where we can print or embroider your own company’s logo to promote and advertise to your target demographic.

Promote Your Company

During 18 holes of play, people are bound to notice your brand or company logo professionally printed on quality  golf towels.  Make sure to keep brand present when your patrons are out on the course or give away your promotional items to have constant contact when your clients are not shooting on the green.  Golfers don’t necessarily need to spend their life cleaning balls or golf clubs. Spend more time on the green! In addition, they could be used in the gym or as a handy sweat towel when playing a variety of sports.

At SCOPE Linens we strive to provide the highest quality promotional towels that start conversations and provide brand awareness at every major sporting club house and locker room. is your premier destination for high quality, personalized towels that always includes shipping cost in the price of every towel.  Our friendly staff is here to provide the best customer service and will assist you with any branding questions that you might have.

Rain, dew and sweat are factors that golfers deal with out on the course, but you can help avoid this with a high quality, extra absorptive golf towel. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Which Towel Line is Right for your Business?

We at SCOPE Linens understand that choosing the right towel for your gym, fitness center or country club is important so that your customer base can feel pampered to their liking.  More than offering the right linen for your needs, we at SCOPE also provide a complete selection of promotional items for your gym, fitness center or country club.  Today in our blog we will give insight to our 3 most popular lines of hand, bath and bath mat offerings. 

Gym Line – High volume is what we had in mind when we thought about the ‘muscle sculptors’ that care about being dry more than how plush the towel is.  Pick these towels for high volume uses and washes. These long lasting towels are sure to get the job done effectively and with little flare. 

Club Line – These are fitness clubs that look to offer options that most gym rats do not even think about.  These towels are great for family fitness centers that could see people using towels after showers, laps in the pool or drying off after the sauna or hot tub.  These towels are plusher than the gym towels and have a longer life span.  This line also offers different designs to complement the theme of your gym and to stand out among the all-white towels.

Executive Line – The executive line towels offer the ultimate style and plush level for your members that wish to be pampered.  These high quality towels offer frills such as a dobby border and are constructed out of 100% cotton.  Provide that fresh and clean feel for your customers with optically white towels and hand cloths.

For your convenience we offer our quality towels by the dozen and include the shipping in our prices!  No surprises at checkout. When ordering please make sure you order enough! Should you have any questions please feel free to call our friendly staff at 626.644.0290 or leave a comment below and a SCOPE Linens representative will quickly answer your inquires.