Thursday, September 12, 2013

The 24x48 Club Line Blue Stripe Towel Product Review

When looking through our huge inventory of quality bath towels, categorized for your convenience into good, better and best, price points shouldn't necessarily be your most compelling criteria. Well, sure, unit cost is going to fit in there somewhere, but you know that here at Scope Linens we always do the best for less, so you've got some wiggle room when determining how much your bottom line can absorb. Like with our towels, absorption is an important factor.

For some country club or sports facility owners/managers, it's important to strike a balance between appearance, cost and utility. One thing that makes our Club Line Blue Stripe Bath Towel so popular is that it looks/feels much more expensive than it is. It provides a classy appearance that definitely sets it apart from traditional plain white towels that are, if nothing else, commonplace in the industry. While the attractive blue stripe does add to the cost (haha, about nine cents per piece!), the effect is worth so much more. If you reserve the use of the blue stripe numbers for your best clients (and don't tell them about the mere nine cent difference) you'll have the other members wondering what it takes to get promoted to the upgraded status.

We love that status-seeking attitude! For an extra punch, you can pair up the 24"x48" blue stripe bath towel with a matching 22"x44" hand/bath towel for incidental use, like wiping away sweat while working out. That's a nice touch.

These towels are soft, have an absorbent plush pile, dry off your clients quickly and are easy to maintain for your convenience. Plus, they'll stay looking good for a long time -- that is if your clients don't like the towels so much they end up walking out the door!

Our Towels Are the Next Best Thing to Sex

The boss just informed me that if I couldn't come up with 5 reasons why our towels are the next best thing to sex I'd better seek alternative employment. That seems a little harsh. After all, it's a matter of perspective. If you asked my wife to name the next best thing to sex she could fill in the blank with just about anything and, looking at me, you wouldn't have difficulty understanding her reply. But that's getting a little personal. Let's just get on with the list.

1. Options – it's good to have a choice and, at Scope Linens, our towels offer something to everyone. We supply hand towels, golf towels, washcloths, bath mats and bath towels. We have them in white, colored, or white with a stripe, adding to the options. Plus, we separate them into three separate lines – a good, better, best classification, and have appropriately named each according to the type facility they 're most likely to be found.

While our towels are great for home use and any of the three lines will work well there, most of our business comes from sports-related facilities. Thus, our classification of a Gym line, Club line and Executive line. Though each line consists of quality items, there's no question that the guy paying big bucks to belong to an exclusive country club expects the best while the one pumping iron out in the gym may not be so demanding.
For most places buying our towels, it comes down to a balance of quality, size and price and we offer just exactly what each needs.

2. Quality – A towel's quality is measured in several ways but the biggest, immediately obvious factor is how it feels on your body when you step out of the shower. Does it wick away the water with ease and comfort? Will it dry you off and then dry itself out quickly? Will it stand up to repeated use, have minimal shrinkage and maintain its integrity after many washings? Like most things, you get what you pay for (relatively), but from Scope, when you buy the best you still pay less.

3. Locker Room butt-snapping capability – Just thought I'd throw this one in, especially for the many college sports teams that purchase our products. Actually, our Gym Line bath towels are preferred in this area because they're not as thick and heavy as the other lines. Who wants to spend extra money on outfitting college kids with the plushest, most absorbent towels anyway? They're already costing us enough money as it is!

4. Customization – Our towels come with the option of adding any type of custom graphics, even those of your own creation. This is great for branding, advertising or just to be different. We like different!