Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Customization is Key – Custom Screen Printing & Embroidering

Do you have a club that people love to be a part of? All the best clubs and brands in the world offer high quality products with their logo on them. Now you can do that too! Let your members show off your brand with custom embroidering and custom screen printing on your products. At SCOPE Lines we offer custom embroidered logos on all types of materials. If you can put a needle through it, we can put your logo on. Have your brand worn around malls, on towels by the pool, or on dresses at the beach. So you ask, what are some of the benefits of embroidering? Let me tell you a few.

·       Identification – Towel thievery, while a seemingly a small problem, can cost you a pretty penny. With custom towels you’ll always be able to pick your towel out of a crowd. By doing this you don’t have to worry about constantly having towels stolen.

·        Club Branding – We know you already have an awesome logo, because you know how essential it is to your brand. When people see your logo you want them to automatically envision your club. Have them think about how nice your facilities are and how much they enjoy being a member.

·        Marketing – When you have a great logo embroidered on great clothes you build a presence. By having your logo worn, you’re able to market in places you normally couldn’t.  At dinner parties, pool side, or at the big football game your logo will be shown off and people will take notice.

Embroidering will eventually pay for itself. Whether you want to offer your guest a nicer experience or market your brand inside and outside of your club, embroidering and screen printing is perfect for you. Our selection of hats, dresses, towels, and many more can all be embroidered. Get your brand recognition started today!

At SCOPE Linens we offer only the highest quality products. We strive to provide you with products that are both comfortable and conversation starters. Come take a look at our great selection of products and find exactly what you’re looking for, today!

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