Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Consistent Towel Orders Bring World Peace

At Scope Linens we often brainstorm about ways to make things easier and more convenient for our regular clients, many of whom are busy running health clubs, country clubs, spas, gyms, fitness centers, resorts, swimming pools or college sports teams. Many of these facilities are regular, consistent users of our amenities and locker room supplies, which include a complete collection of personal care products, athletic and fitness items and janitorial supplies for cleaning and general maintenance.

Since these are all consumables, we've noticed that many of our regulars maintain a routine ordering schedule for these items to ensure stocks never fall short and needed supplies are always readily at hand. That's good thinking and makes for smoother operations all around, especially when members become accustomed to what they like and expect.

Now, it may not be an earth shattering revelation guaranteed to bring about world peace, but here's an idea that could certainly bring about a higher level of contentment in your club. Imagine a world full of stacks and stacks of soft, immaculately clean and fluffy towels that always look new, like what you'd expect to find in bathrooms of the finer hotels about town. Just think of the impression of always having access to a clean, healthy looking towel will have on your clients. It's the little things like this that really count in making your clientele feel special and, most of all, well-pampered.

While towels aren't consumable to the same degree as soap, shampoo and disinfectant spray cleaner, they're something that definitely degrades with age, use and continual laundering. And while the towels we offer here at Scope Linens are made to be durable, there's no question that there are quality differences in the items found in the good, better and best categories we feature. So here's the idea.

The Monthly Order

Just like you maintain a regular schedule of ordering common consumables for your club, we'd like to suggest you consider Scope's idea of monthly ordering for towels too. Consistent ordering on a monthly basis will ensure that you always have a plentiful supply of clean, good-looking towels on hand and that none get overused to the point of starting to look raggedy. The idea is to establish a particular day of the month to order towels and stick to that schedule regardless of whether or not you think new towels are needed at that particular moment. You can then do a quarterly reconciliation of your stocks to determine if towel movement should be increased, decreased or is just right.

This way, you won't have to constantly be concerned with the number of towels in your inventory that have become soiled beyond recovery or have disappeare
d from your facility by inadvertently being walked out the door in someone's gym bag. When some of the towels you have on hand start to look a bit tired and worn, rather than continuing to use them past their time for retirement they can be recycled to, for example, a homeless shelter in the area. They would certainly be grateful for your thoughtful contribution. In the meantime, your members will appreciate the fact that the towels you're supplying for their use are always at their best, looking clean and healthy and feeling soft and still full of fluff!


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