Thursday, October 17, 2013

The 16x27 Hand Towel Product Review

Order up three pounds of premium, plush, double cam ring spun terry cloth cotton 16 X 27s from our Gym Line and you'll have a dozen quality hand towels that will bring a smile to your members' mouths. These towels are multi-taskers – small enough to conveniently carry around on the gym floor but big enough to soak up sweat like a thirsty desert dweller.

Ring spun towels are produced through a special process using extra-long raw cotton fibers that make them especially soft and very durable. They're absorbent, soft to the touch, produce less lint and can stand up to repeated washings but still come out looking good. These hand towels are 100 percent cotton and made with double cam borders to add a little distinction to their Scope Linens, where you always get the best for less. Our competitors can try, but none seem able to match our exceptional combination of quality, low price, and delivery.

Not every club or gym offers towels of this size to their members, but these are a great adjunct to the usual bath size towels you probably already provide. It's a nice little extra touch to let the clientele know they're being well taken care of. These all-cotton 16" X 27" hand towels are also ideal for use in beauty salons, spas and at racquet clubs.

These hand towels are from our most affordable category of good, better & best but, as always here at Scope, cheap prices don't mean cheap items. If it isn't quality, we don't sell it. Take a look at the complete line of our Gym Line (good) products including washcloths, golf towels, bath towels and mats.


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